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Software Delivery Assessment & Strategy

Whether you have a new software delivery system or one that has been running in your environment for a decade or more, an independent assessment and strategic roadmap gives you the objective information and prioritized recommendations for future investments in the people, process, and tools that facilitate getting your software solutions to your business users and customers.

RAEC is holistic in its approach to assessment and strategy using a wide variety of tools and techniques directly applicable to Software Process Improvement (SPI). Although technology plays a large part in software delivery, we look at areas such as cost management, human resources, and vendor risk — balancing objective and subjective findings with no preconceived outcomes. Strategic recommendations range from how you can advance your personnel to meet enterprise demands to concretely defining system operational scope.

Assessment & Strategy

Tool Chains & Integration

Software Delivery Tool Chains & Integration

From integrating Application Lifecycle Management (ALM) systems with Service Management Systems, to upgrading and migrating compilers, interpreters, and grammar parsers with complete regression testing and coverage metrics, RAEC has developed methods and techniques that cuts through the uncertainty and gets your teams focused on delivering business value.

Integrations can be simplified by purchasing all of your software delivery systems from a single vendor, but it is unusual for this to be the case, especially when taking a “best of breed” approach to system acquisition.  Our clients have a mix of software from large vendors and open source projects.  We take on the most difficult integration projects across vendor and open source systems, operationalizing the integrations to limit ongoing maintenance costs and mitigate operational risk.

Tool chain maintenance can derail a team from their core focus for weeks if not longer. Rushing the process can leave you with lingering questions about coverage and uncertainty, and can open the door for incidents, regressions, and quizzical bugs that can be frustrating to your team members who have a long list of enhancements to get out the door.  We get you ahead of the curve, and can deliver long term maintenance planning that gives you clear guidance on the road ahead.

Software Delivery Process & Systems

Choosing the next generation software delivery platform, aim to optimize, enhance, and evangelize existing system or bring in completely new platform?  RAEC can deliver on implementing business objectives with teaming approaches through comprehensive project delivery, blended teams, or project leadership.  Our practitioners live and breathe software delivery process and systems, and have well-rounded skills for effectively working with people in a wide variety of roles.

From version control to software deployment to change management, we deliver on your expected outcomes in areas of system design, installation, upgrades, customization, and transition to daily operations.  Our service delivery staff monitors project delivery along the way, keeping track of key milestones and pro-actively works with your project sponsors to manage issues and mitigate risks that may surface along the way.

Our independent and objective perspective on technical implementation and vendor technologies gives our clients a refreshing experience.  Although we deliver services with our pros who have deep knowledge and experience in specific vendor and open source implementations of a technology, we won’t “take sides” and are able to bring together technologies from a wide variety of vendors.

Process & Systems

Making the Most of Software Maintenance

Making the Most of Software Maintenance

There are multiple ramifications to your organization when maintenance is not routinely performed. RAE Consulting has unique and proven techniques that affirms your capability to get the most out of your software investments.

RAE Consulting Announces Application Recovery Services

RAE Consulting Announces Application Recovery Services

RAE Consulting specialized in Application Development Recovery Services, which mitigates major risk factors for many organizations. Application Development Recovery Services covers three areas: Assurance, Modernization, and Pure Recovery

RAE Consulting Announces New Assessment Services

RAE Consulting Announces New Assessment Services

RAE Consulting has developed best Application Lifecycle Management practices from our customer consulting engagements. The Assessment and Roadmap for Application Lifecycle Management (ALM) we have provided suit them technically, financially, and culturally


There’s vendor training, and then there’s RAEC technology immersion.  When practitioners train for certifications, we don’t just take the vendor’s training content verbatim. Through advanced scenarios and lab materials, ramp up sheets, and information pathways we cut through large, complex topics while making sure we hit every category so candidates ready set to pass certifications and meet job requirements.

Our experienced trainers have the depth of knowledge in the topics and advanced lab experiences that would provide candidates with much more than just reading a book.  Our technical trainers have established unique delivery approaches, yet passionate about working with individual needs based on individual candidate’s technical skill, learning style, and experience.  Having small to medium class sizes enhance one on one time between trainers and individual candidates who are new to the technology or are looking to take their skills in the topic to the next level.


Microsoft Silver Learning Partner

Our experienced Certified Microsoft Trainers, blazing fast Level 7 Machines, and well-appointed training facilities play a critical role in ensuring successful training.


At RAE Consulting, we’re equipped with industry relevant technology that enables us to offer high quality training in a rapidly changing IT environment.

Microsoft Silver Learning Partner


The Right IT Training Solution

Our training courses are perfect for IT Professionals who need to up-skill and obtain desirable Microsoft Certifications to better serve their clients without losing billable revenues during normal business hours.


Open Source practitioners can spend all day tramping through newsgroups, wikis, and anecdotal posts on the technical “expert” sites, or know the tool or system well enough to identify solutions.  Our solution focus open source training specifically aiming for systems both end-user and administrative perspectives, paves the way from searching web engines for solutions to knowing exactly what to do.

Our approach is to get your feet wet with the technology, and then deep dive into interesting features that you may have never considered as options before.  Our custom labs are constructed to teach how first the mechanics, and then how to problem solve — giving you that “oh now I see!” moment of clarity that we all enjoy to have. If you don’t see a technology listed that you would like us to deliver using our approach to learning, let us know!

Have you developed a new system or customized a vendor solution requiring broad, enterprise grade rollout to your organization?  Or, you’re a software vendor looking to have compelling, professionally developed training for your software?  Look no further.  We have developed a series of techniques, delivery methods, design styles, and content taxonomies that make what you want to communicate shine.   End users can become bored and disillusioned by trudging through endless documents and slide decks. 

In effect, all the work you put into delivering the best possible solution for your organization gets released with much disdain, and at best a whimper.  If your organization or customers want high impact training that leaves your practitioners wanting to use your solution, look to us. Our training designs target several training formats — such as instructor-led, virtual, and self-paced to name a few — that are modeled for easy customization based on your unique requirements.


AutoMatra Enterprise

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AutoMatra is designed and engineered to manage Application Systems for continuous software application delivery that is fast, automated, and integrable.

design-1System Architecture

Organize all business systems across software architecture in Systems, Subsystems, and Components

add subsystemConfiguration Management

Easily define software configuration at Component level, and share across Zones and Nodes 

nodes-baseEnvironment Configuration

Simply define systems/nodes, automated grouping into different Zones: Development/ Testing/ Production

executeDeployment Management

Automated publishing deployment configuration to build and execute in Dev/ Testing/ Prod

Team Foundation Server Adaptor for Build Forge

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TeamForge Adaptor for Build Forge

AutoMatra Logo_effects

AutoMatra Scheduler for Build Forge

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Partners & Authorizations

RAE Consulting is an authorized training and skills validation service provider for industry-recognized Enterprise Software, IT Infrastructure, and IT Security.   We partner with these organizations to provide businesses and individuals with the most effective learning and certification experience available in the industry.    

These partnerships enable us to offer authorized training, which guarantees vendor-approved content, certified instructors, and delivery methods.  Partnerships also give us access to information about new products and technologies, business trends, and best practices. 

As an authorized partner and service provider for these training and testing organizations, RAE Consulting must satisfy specific requirements set by the partnering organizations, which includes business assessment, industry experience, instructor certification, proctor certification, equipment specifications, facility specifications, administration procedures, and customer satisfaction metrics.

RAE Consulting maintains partnership and an authorized status with the following organizations:

Level 1, Ethos House, 28-36 Ainslie Place, Canberra, ACT 2601, Australia


263 Tresser Blvd, Stamford, CT06901, United States


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