What We Do

Software Project Assessments

RAEC performs software project assessments from a management perspective. The software project assessments range from appropriate vendor choice with respect to the client’s environment to process tuning. Our assessments are always accompanied with professionally produced reports that are clear and actionable.

Software Project Audits

RAEC performs Software Project Audits from Audit and Risk perspectives. When performing audits, we work with organizations in all phases of the Audit process — plan preparation, planning, conducting (including remediation), and reporting. We also work with teams to set up a monitoring and review framework.

Legacy App Evaluations

RAEC performs Legacy App evaluations to help you determine the best course of action for remediating, replacing, or enhancing a software component running in your environment. The software component may be one that has been running in your environment for years or an outsourced bespoke development component.


Who engages us?


Audit and Risk Teams

Your auditing team needs to cover a wide variety of functional areas — including finance, operations, and sales.  When you need to perform internal auditing with insights to technical deliverables, we’re here to help and provide our findings and recommendations in the context of your auditing processes.


Executive Management

Executives (C-level and director level) responsible for software related service delivery regularly engage us and benefit from our comprehensive yet concise findings and recommendations. From organizational capability assessments to low level technical assessments, we have a wide variety of techniques on hand that directly assist your decision making from managerial monitoring and capital expense perspectives.


Legal Teams

Although legal teams many times work directly with internal auditors, we work with legal teams that require comprehensive internal confidentiality on technologies that contribute to potential litigation exposure from both line of business and product offering perspectives.


Large External Auditors

Large external auditors embed us into their large audit initiatives to assess low level technical areas.  We report our findings and work to the leading auditing team and express our recommendations in the context of the overall audit.


About Us

Since its founding in 2008, RAE Consulting has provided its clients high value outcomes through our consulting practice areas, technical training, and software products solutions focusing in Software Development Management, IT Operations Management, Automation, and Cloud technologies.

Starting in 2015, RAE Consulting retrained its focus to one of our consulting practices:  software technology assessments and auditing. Our assessment and auditing practice provides the best value and credibility through strict independence from other offerings and perfectly blends our core capabilities in technology and its management.


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