We recognize how technology could be employed towards improving business processes.  We understand the major pain points of these industries and our depth and breadth IT industry knowledge, experience, and business management background have helped our customers to implement innovative solutions to those problems in a way that creates significantly more value than the cost of implementing such changes.


Government Agencies

Delivery of assessment of Model Driven Deployment implementation for use in the Core Business Processing Program. Identified several inefficiencies and misconfigurations that led to poor performance and user experience.

Provided guidance on fixing the identified problems and future enhancements to expose unsurfaced benefits. Implementation for near-term fixes surfaced immediate benefits, which strongly decreased uncertainty in the solution.
Delivery of the Automation Roadmap that enables increasing efficiencies, decreasing process variances, change and service management straight through processing, and data driven automation. The solution must abide by ITIL Service Management practices and enable ITIL Release Management practices.

Core solution tools include Build Forge, Rational Asset Manager, IBM Rational Software Architect, Tivoli Application Dependency and Discovery Manager, Microsoft Team Foundation Server, IBM SCLM, and HP Remedy.

The solution was presented at Innovate 2011/2012: The Rational Software Conference in US and AU.


Top Financial and Banking Corporations

> Designed the integration between build and deploy processes in the heterogeneous environment.  Led effort for Component Based Development for all applications, which required deep usage change in Rational Synergy / Change and Electric Commander.

> Designed, integrated, and implemented key transition processes that decreased overall application transition timelines by 50%.

> Enabled release engineering operations staff in JEE technologies.

> Responsible for all staffing requirements, identified a full-time lead and transitioned responsibilities for seamless continuation of operations.

Key solution systems include Rational Synergy and Change, Electric Commander, Atrium Orchestrator, Peregrine Service Center, BMC Atrium Orchestrator, BMC Phurnace, and BMC Blade Logic.


Largest US Health Care and Insurance Providers

The event-driven methodology enabled first-level support staff to indirectly interact with product management and development organizations in a loosely coupled way and secure way, which decreased mishandling of sensitive patient and client information that may be part of service problems in products.

The provided solution included design, implementation, and knowledge transfer activities of round-trip event-driven synchronization between ClearQuest and Siebel using JEE web services, message queues, message-driven beans, ClearQuest STP Java API, and Sun Glassfish Application Server.
Biggest Canadian Telecommunication Service Provider

Full architecture, design, and implementation mentoring of ClearQuest ALM, integrated with prior implementation of Build Forge, ClearCase UCM, and Rational Quality Manager. The solution modernized current manual processes and internal developed tools, which decreased non-value add activities across development, quality, and operations divisions as part of the corporate-wide business transformation initiative.

Increased automated processing efficiencies by over 80% across multiple technology stacks and source control systems. Enabled key staff to continue project implementation under a Usage Model framework.

The solution was presented with the customer at Innovate 2010 Conference in US.